Fresh powder snow

PolarSnow is a 100% real snow which is produced with exclusive use of water, air and liquid nitrogen. We imitate nature, however there is one major difference: the production process is not sensitive to air temperature. This means that the snow can be produced throughout the year. Besides this, the ‘portability’ of the snowmaking equipment enables the polar snowmaking process to take place at almost any location; on the Red Square in Moscow, in-between the world famous mosques in Istanbul and on the beaches of Jamaica with a temperature of 30 C.

PolarSnow Advantages

The main advantage of the snow making system is the large capacity and the quality of the snow. The production capacity is up to 200 M3 of snow per hour, which makes creating events with snow that normally have not been possible. Polar Europe has the ideas and the know-how to create fun, engaging and unique family friendly activities. Our PolarSnow is 100% chemical free, which makes it safe for children in all age categories. Tubing ramps, snowball fights and snowmen building contests are only a few of the many possibilities to make your snow themed event memorable..

Polar @ Work

Snow effects for Everest the movie

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