Artificial Snow & Winter Effects

Fake Snow

Polar Europe has the expertise to deliver all the winter effects you can imagine. We can create snow in any situation everywhere in the world. For example The Sahara when it is 50°, in the pouring rain in the middle of  London, Indoor exhibitions, a regular day near the office, or the beautiful white beaches in the Caribbean? No Problem: our snow doesn’t melt, can get caught in a downpour, fireproof, not harmful to the environment and last but not least the snow is biodegradable! Check out our SNOWSHOP here:


We create snow effects for companies like Adidas, Tommy Hilfiger, Coca-Cola, Land Rover, Walt Disney, Heinz, KLM, McDonald’s,  and made snow for movies like Everest, Blade Runner, and Frozen.  (Click here to go to our references page)

Winter Sceneries

There are various kinds of artificial snow to create wintry landscapes. Falling snow, settled snow, freeze effects, light flurries or a severe Arctic blizzards.  We can apply our snow under any circumstances! Busy shopping streets covered with snow, small back gardens supplied with frost effects. Hot indoor studios where our snow stays snow, or even next to the polar bears in the Zoo? We will give you the shots you want and leave any location exactly as we found it.

We Create Snow For:

-Movies, TV, and Commercials
-Shopping Malls
-Product Launches

-Garden Centers
-VIP Partys 

-and so on.

Snow, Frost and Winter Effects

Albert Heijn - Winter commercial 2021

Grolsch 400 Years: Always a cold beer! 400 jaar karakter.

We create snow, at your command!

Winter commercial, Kruidvat 2020

Christmas Commercial, ALDI 2021

Christmas Commercial, Lidl 2020

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