World’s Fastest Snow Supplier since 1996

Real Snow

For more than 20 years Polar Europe is the snow supplier all over the world. We have the technology and expertise to create nature’s most beautiful and inspiring phenomena on-site. From real falling snow flakes to freezing Mount Everest drift snow. With our range of different snow types we offer a snow solution for all circumstances and all budgets. Whether you need 500 snowmen for a product launch, 1000m3 of fresh snow for a snowboard contest or a complete winter wonderland with a tubing slide, snow fights zones and a kids play area, Polar makes it snow at any ambient temperature everywhere in the world.


Winter Effects

Polar Europe has the expertise to deliver the winter effects you need. From a snowy pack shot in the city center of Amsterdam to wintry landscapes in the middle of nowhere with falling snow, from a light flurry snowfall to a severe Arctic blizzard, we will give you the shots you want and leave any location exactly as we found it. Next to providing snow, there is more we can provide and create the winter experience you want. Frosting a vehicle, creating a frozen pond or introducing melting icicles, are all part of the possibilities from Polar Europe.


Not sure of the right effect? Let us advise you exactly on what is possible. Would you like to have more information – – +31 (0) 35 656 6020 or fill in our contact form

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