Real Snow


Our Snow

Snow can be created in many different shapes and sizes. The main product of Polar Europe is creating real snow. Which can be created in any climate and at any location. On the coast of Los Angeles, In the national stadium of China, the baking beaches of the caribbean, Or even the Sahara. Besides this, Polar Europe is having a machine which can make crushed ice chips, the only thing we need is water and a power supply. Ice2Snow is another product that can be developed by us, this is a machine which can transform ice blocks into fresh powder snow.


Endless Possibilities

Do you want to have snow falling from the sky? This is also possible, due to special machines Polar Europe is having. Are all these options not enough? You have also the possibility to buy your own snow container and create snow yourself! The options are endless at Polar Europe – Click on the desired product below for more information.

Landrover Commercial

Big Air Zurich,

Polar Snow @ X GAMES OSLO

Snow effects created with PolarSnow for Everest the movie

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