Ice2Snow is a machine that works in any season without being affected by temperature. Existing snow machines can only produce snow below zero degrees.However, Ice Magic can produce snow at any temperature.
Furthermore, while existing snow machines require complicated additional facilities including a mass storage water tank, power and a high pressure pump for producing snow, Ice Magic can be utilized very efficiently because it can produce snow easily and simply any place and any time with only the input of ice, the material for making snow, and power.



Ice2Snow has been used in various areas because it enables you to easily produce snow at any time in any season



*No harm to humans and to the environment as it uses standard ice/ or crushed ice
*Snow at anytime, even at temperatures other than the freezing point
*Easily to move
*Easy to operate as it only needs to be connected to a power source(380V/3-*phase) and does not require additional facilities

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