Top Snow

Crushed Ice? Whenever and wherever you want, even in a warm climate? No problem for our: TOP SNOW SYSTEM.Top Snow is the most economical and easiest to operate mobile snow system presently available for rent, lease or purchase.

The Top Snow System is a special ice crystallization machine and produces crushed ice by outside temperatures up to 35°C. A flexible distribution hose is blowing the snow to any desired spot. Only water and power are required to run the Top Snow machine. The production costs are therefore relatively low.


The production capacity of our mobile Top Snow machines is up to 30 t in 24 hours The standard power connection is 380/400 Volt and 50 Hz but can be accommodated to local standards. The energy consumption is approx. 30 kWh/cubic meter of snow. This snow is environmentally friendly because it only contains water without any additives.

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